The Disruptor and The Rut

The Disruptor and The Rut

The resurrection of Jesus is a disruptor.

Once you meet Jesus you cannot go back to the rut of being the person that you were. The resurrection changes our course. What is interesting about the Bible is that after Jesus’ death the Disciples tried to go back to the life they had before meeting Jesus. In Luke, some of them are back fishing the Sea of Galilee. In Matthew, the eleven are holed up in the Temple unsure of what to do or where to go.

In both cases, the resurrected Jesus appears and disrupts the routine.

The mission of the disciples remains the same. They are to do the things Jesus did and spread the word about Jesus and his resurrection. To their credit, that is what the Disciples start to do. It takes, however, an appearance from the resurrected Jesus to get them going and at that point a new reality awakens within each of them that this gift of the resurrection is for everyone and it is a message that has to go global.

So let’s push this.

We had a great Easter!
Now, it is the middle of the week and we are back in the life we had before and not much has changed.
My guess?

Doubting Thomas stained glass windowJesus is going to appear to you – a reminder that as Easter people we cannot be the same. He knows you need a nudge, and just as Jesus showed up for Peter and the crew he also will show, speak, and call your name. Jesus does not want you to be the same. Be ready. Look.

After worship Sunday, a young man came up to me with tears in his eyes. I cannot share the exact specifics because they are his story to share. What I can tell you is that Jesus showed up in his life at the moment he most needed him through the encouragement of another. It was moving to him and to me. His life literally is not the same and it is because Jesus showed!

This Easter season, let that same disruption happen to you. Do you really want to be the person you have always been, or is Jesus calling you in a new way, down a fresh path?

Let Jesus take you there, and if you get off course, be ready – he will appear and call you forward a second time.

The Bible tells us when disciples of Jesus get back in their rut it is exactly what Jesus does.