Jesus, Soccer, & the HISD

Jesus, Soccer, & the HISD

A few items to know:
– I am committed to praying for the HISD for 6 months. Today is Day 19.
– I attended my first HISD Board meeting yesterday.
– I believe complex problems have simple solutions.

Yesterday, I saw Jesus moving in the people of the HISD. Just because there is a struggling system does not mean God is not on the move. Jesus railed against the money-changers in the Temple in Jerusalem while also being moved by the widow giving her offering. Jesus always works to save so I was not surprised to see evidence of his work.

Where? Sharpstown.

The Sharpstown High School boys soccer team was recognized for making it into the semifinal round of the state playoffs. The team features young men from seven countries – USA, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – and has found a common bond in soccer and in something else, or should I say – someone.

The someone is their coach, Greg Boles. Coach Boles spoke seemingly impromptu at the meeting last night and said something interesting – ‘You all can talk about approaches to education, but what it takes is love. When we love our kids we become family, and family is what it takes’.

The tone of Coach Boles’ voice hinted at one additional element to his approach – sacrifice. He spoke as someone who has sacrificed. Coach Boles and his team – following their coach’s lead – loved one another and sacrificed for one another.

As a pastor, this sounds familiar. Love and sacrifice are the building blocks of change – a truth Jesus knew. In what was close to a final word to his disciples, Jesus was talking about a new command – love one another – and then he added,

No one has greater love than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends – John 15:13

Love and sacrifice will change the world. Follow the example.