Melting into What Matters

Today, I am at the Casa Alleluia orphanage outside of Guatemala City, Guatemala. It is holy ground. I have been here many times before, serve on its board, and here I find all the virtues that need to be so much more in me – love, humility, service.

If there was one word to describe my time here I would say it this way. I melt. My over-inflated self-concerns evaporate, my arrogant self-reliance dissipates, and the Kingdom begins to do what only the Kingdom can. It removes the veil both around and within me to see what Jesus is doing.

The kids here, suffered.

I don’t know what the worst thing is that you could imagine happened to a kid. Most of us don’t want to even let our thoughts take the slightest step in that direction, but if you do the hell you will find is brutal. Casa takes those kids, and here the suffering stops.

It rattles me, to be perfectly honest.

Over the last few weeks, First Methodist Houston has been in a question and answer series – Ask Me Anything. The questions were far-ranging – the virgin birth, sexuality, interpretation of Biblical passages, and more. All of them were important, but to be honest their importance was secondary. Our interpretations and opinions while valuable to a degree, are secondary to Kingdom principles. In other words, the ‘important’ melts when I take the hand of a little girl on dialysis, she squeezes my hand, and I know she needs my help.

The Holy Spirit works on us to melt us. Peter would not eat unclean foods, then he met Cornelius.  A crowd with rocks clenched came toward an adulteress ready to kill. They walked way, humbled. A thief on a cross was crucified by a hate-filled mob only to find an invitation to life from his fellow convict.

Jesus melts us into what matters.

Maybe you would like to take a step with me down this road? Let yourself soften just a little bit, and underneath our calluses we might just find God, alive, thriving, and inviting us to see a Kingdom greater than ourselves.

Let yourself melt, and look.

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