Is Jesus Relevant Anymore?

You know my answer, ‘Yes!’

I am going to blog every day during Holy Week with every day up until Easter being a take on an answer to that question – Does Jesus Still Matter?

To have the discussion, though, we might need to get past some biases. As modern Americans, we have difficulty talking about religious ideas or expressing spiritual feelings. As a pastor I am always amazed how in worship when we create a space – through darkness, a moment at the altar – how many tears I will see. In our world we do not have a place to talk about what matters most to us and it hurts us.

We need to take this on and change it.

An example would be my favorite TV series, Star Trek. Even though Star Trek since the beginning was an extraordinarily progressive show, it made some strange decisions. The crew has always been very diverse, cohesive, and tolerant. It always surprises me how the show, however, goes to great lengths to show the spiritual side of everyone except the humans. Romulons, Klingons, Vulcans all have spiritual-religious dimensions to their cultures while the humans do not.

beauty girl cryAmericans are in denial. We are spiritual and religious, and it’s okay.

Another example would be our cultural admonition to ‘not talk about politics or religion in polite company’. That to me remains one of the most ridiculous pieces of advice we could ever give! We better talk about these things, they shape our lives in extraordinary ways! Whether it is Jesus, building a wall, LGBTQ, or any other topic we have to talk about what matters to us most and church is the place for it to happen. Church is a safe place to have a dangerous conversation, and the most vibrant congregations value the dialogue.

So during Holy Week we are going to talk about the relevance of Jesus. If you have a question or thought drop me a message or reach out to me on my cell – 281-814-1198. I enjoy hearing from you!

One of my favorite Jesus stories is the rich young ruler. He comes to Jesus with a Biblical question only to have Jesus turn it around and ask the question of the young ruler. A conversation follows and I say let’s do it again!

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